Importance of a good child-teacher relationship

By ISAPrideSurveys Positive and healthy relationships between teachers and students can be extremely beneficial at all levels of an educational establishment, within the classroom and across the school environment as a whole. From improved self-esteem to increased engagement, there are a number of benefits of establishing positive student-teacher relationships between educators and pupils of all […]

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The child’s freedom in school

The child as the center of attention In the classroom the child should be the center of attention, not the teacher. The teacher must only assume the role of a guide in the child’s development, introducing lessons and facilitating the child’s progress, helping the child to maximize his/her potential. Children should be encouraged to find solutions […]

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Shapes Song — Learn all the shapes by listening to this song

Combined with kids songs and baby songs both original and classical tunes. Babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartners can learn their shapes in a fun and interactive way. Come sing and dance with us as we explore the unique qualities of each shape. Welcome to Westhill Kids Centre.

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