The child’s freedom in school

The child as the center of attention
In the classroom the child should be the center of attention, not the teacher. The teacher must only assume the role of a guide in the child’s development, introducing lessons and facilitating the child’s progress, helping the child to maximize his/her potential. Children should be encouraged to find solutions independently rather than relying on a teacher to give them.

According to their development, children learn and grow at different rates and because of this, it is very common for children to be working on different materials with mastery being reached at different times in class. It is also needful for children to be more advanced in some areas as compared to others and the school should accommodate each child’s individual needs in every subject matter.

Freedom With Responsibility
Every child must always be given freedom within their classroom environment for example the freedom of movemen so s/he can move throughout the classroom as he or she desires as long as this movement is with direction/objective and is not directing away the attention/focus of others. Children may also choose where they would like to work whether it be on the floor with a mat or at a table. Second, each child is free to choose what material they would like to work with during each work period as long as the child has received a formal lesson on that material. Another freedom that children should be given is the freedom to do again and again what they have learnt. This allows each child to work with a piece of material for any amount of time as often as they wish, a factor that always leads to mastering the subject matter very well.

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