Volunteer at Westhill! Apply today!!!

Volunteering at Westhill Kids Center is both fun and satisfying. You’ll meet new and interesting people and feel great knowing that you’re helping to improve the lives of children, especially those from around Kibera and its environs and others like twins whose parents are unable to pay fees for both children.

Teaching Lessons

A volunteer teacher would have the opportunity to teach their own lessons. They would also be expected to assist in the day to day activities of maintaining the premises. A volunteer can also  to help create new visuals for the junior classes such as interesting pictures that the children could emulate.

Guidance and Support

Volunteers will help children in offering one-on-one support and more guidance and assist the teachers in organizing the kids, providing one-on-one support, helping organize and implement lesson plans. Volunteers will also assist the teachers with their daily classroom activities

Singing and Dancing

The best way to connect with children is by singing and dancing. In general all kids want to sing and dance. A volunteer  teacher will teach the kids some useful and catchy rhymes that can help them to develop their interpersonal skills. Volunteers  will incorporate drama, music, creative movement along with the excitement of basic dance steps giving children skills for self-expression through art.

Games and activities

The volunteer will provide educational support to children. They will help run fun educational activities such as art classes, English lessons and games, sports, and more. Their roles will be to assist the staff in developing stimulating new ideas to engage young minds. Any volunteer encouragement offered goes a long way toward building a child’s self esteem and confidence.

We would like to know how you want to volunteer!

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